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14 Types of Students during a Fire

Our science lab is in shambles! Will N4-T1 escape in time?

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17 Types of Students in Every Science Lab

Our favourite chemistry! Will it end in shambles?

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Class T1-T5

One of the most mentioned classes in Titan Academy!

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JianHao Tan

Find out more about the creator of the Titan Academy series!

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Welcome to the Titan Academy Fandom! This fandom is dedicated to the popular YouTube series of the same name, directed by JianHao Tan!

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This school series takes place in Titan Academy, a fictional prestigious private school located in Singapore.

JianHao, a carefree troublesome student from Class T1-T5, is known for flunking his classes and his popularity of being the comedic relief around the school. He constantly doesn't do well on his academics, and only passed in exams for the very first time.

Throughout the entire series, there are also other several themes involving school romances, breaking the boundaries between popular students and nerds, the constant struggles on the annual examinations, bullyings, and many more.

Recently, the Academy has been run over by an organisation, due to financial issues brought by a pandemic. In line with this, the faculty has been reorganised, along with different implementing rules and regulations for all students and teachers alike.

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JianHao TanTitan Academy Series
Episode 62 • Season 5

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14 Types of Students during a Fire


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Mr. Salim is a teacher, and an alumnus of Titan Academy. Initially introduced as a trustworthy security guard of the Academy in his debut, his career slowly went uphill, as he climbed through the different echelons of the Academy; formerly as a substitute teacher, and now as a full-fledged teacher.

He is known for teaching Class N4-T1. Given that he was a popular boy back in his days of schooling, he's shown to be more of a cheerful teacher in the staff room alongside Miss Sherly and Mr. Mabuhay. Overall, he is an outgoing person who indulges in sharing snacks with his fellow colleagues, which he confiscated from his students.

As a security guard, he is a vigilant person who will stop for nothing to hinder rulebreakers, although, he is naïve enough to be easily fooled, such as when he was tricked by Madam Soot Beng.