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This article is about the series. You may be looking for the academy.

Titan Academy series, or somewhat known as the "Class T1T5 Series" due to the original class Class T1-T5, or simply the "School Series", is a Singaporean YouTube high-school romantic comedy-drama web series made by JianHao Tan.


This school series takes place in Titan Academy, a fictional prestigious private school located in Singapore.

JianHao, a carefree troublesome student from Class T1-T5, is known for flunking his classes and his popularity of being the comedic relief around the school. He constantly doesn't do well on his academics, and only passed in exams for the very first time.

Throughout the entire series, there are also other several themes involving school romances, breaking the boundaries between popular students and nerds, the constant struggles on the annual examinations, bullyings, and many more.

Recently, the Academy has been run over by an organisation, due to financial issues brought by a pandemic. In line with this, the faculty has been reorganised, along with different implementing rules and regulations for all students and teachers alike.

Spin-off Series

On 2022, a new webseries will be launched, starting with Types of People During Night Class.


  • This series was only thought of as a one-off video with GOOD STUDENTS vs BAD STUDENTS, with no continuation of the episode.
  • JianHao mentions that once the school series is done, there would be no more study videos.
  • Cleverly refers to the series as the "Titan Academy Series" on 19 Types of Students at the School Lunch's outro.
  • In some episodes, there is a title card which shows the Titan Academy logo which is blue. However, in serious episodes which contain either tension or drama, has a grey title card.
  • With JianHao acknowledging the existence of this wiki, some episodes contain "easter eggs" as a fanservice, referencing different pages from the wiki.

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