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Class N4-T1 is a class in Titan Academy, joining Titan Academy in 11 New Students You'll See in Every School.

Student Behaviors

Although not much has been known about their academic behaviors during class time, some students share similar personalities of the students from Class T1-T5.

A few even show to have drastically different behaviors or have a mix between some students' personalities from the original class.

On the 14 Types of Students in a New School however, it seems that the new batch of students is relatively soft-spoken compared to the past students, even without the presence of Madam Soot Beng.

Academic Performance

N4T1 Nameplate NEW.png

As Class N4-T1 is a newly formed class, the students' academic behavior and performance is unknown at this point. In terms of show and tell, most came prepared. In terms of discipline, it resembles a bit of T1-T5, but not much.





Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • Chloe transferred out from Titan Academy (despite the fact that she passed), as revealed in 14 Types of Students in a New School.
    • Other students are also revealed to have been expelled, thus making the new class list a "red herring" for most of the transferred N4-T1 students.
  • Some of the students first appeared in previous episodes before being officially part of Titan Academy.
    • Some had even appeared in "14 Types of Students After School" (Bella and Sunny).
    • Even before the idea was considered, most of N4-T1's characters have already appeared in numerous videos across the Titan channels. Only some of N4-T1 came only in 2020.
  • JianHao Tan said N4-T1 is actually TITAN backwards in a video.
  • During the orientation day, Scott, Shannon, Lydia and Wendy were in Class N4-T1. However, they were not shown in the rest of Class N4-T1 videos.
  • The three protagonists in Class N4-T1 are in the reverse gender order of the three protagonists of Class T1-T5, since Class N4-T1 has two female protagonists (Chloe and Crystal) and one male protagonist (Timmy), and Class T1-T5 has two male protagonists (JianHao and Vincent) and one female protagonist (Denise) during the series.
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